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Eco-Friendly Expertise with GOTS and GRS Certification

Portugal Textile, recognized for its commitment to sustainability through GOTS and GRS certifications, continues to set the standard for eco-friendly practices in the textile industry. These certifications prove that Portugal Textile is firmly committed to responsibly sourcing materials and manufacturing processes always with the environment in mind.

Awards and Certifications - Portugal Textile

Sustainable Elegance: Redefining Fashion

Elevating style with sustainable practices

In the core of Portugal Textile’s values is a deep commitment to using natural fibers and recycled materials, showcasing a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. The GOTS certification confirms the brand’s strict dedication to organic farming methods and ethical processing, guaranteeing the quality of its fabrics. At the same time, the GRS certification emphasizes Portugal Textile’s pledge to integrate recycled materials into its manufacturing, actively decreasing its environmental impact.

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In the ever-changing world of fashion, Portugal Textile shines as a leader in innovation, constantly reshaping the connection between style and sustainability. Our fabrics not only showcase sophistication but also represent a mindful decision to reduce environmental impact. This philosophy has strongly resonated with Djerf Avenue, a brand known for eco-friendly fashion, solidifying Portugal Textile as a preferred partner for those who value both elegance and environmental consciousness.

The brand’s dedication to stylish, sustainable fashion ensures that it continues to be the top choice for clients seeking not only quality and elegance but also a profound alignment with the principles of environmental stewardship.

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Our manufacturer partners

We work with more than 20 factories!

Portugal Textile works with a huge growing network of trusted manufacturers with sustainable supply chains. Each factory has its own expertise, we have a network that can produce all textile categories for women and men.

We are always looking for the best suppliers committed to long-term partnerships with us. Our partners share our values and understand the importance of sustainability and transparency. We value a progressive mindset, openness to evolving, and collaboration.

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