TREND | Color-Blocked Denim Styles
10 April, 2019
Genderless Fashion
17 April, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #104

Among the many buzzwords bouncing around in fashion right now, sustainability and gender equality are two that seem to keep floating to the top. So when Los Angeles–based denim label AG Jeans completed the installation of a state-of-the-art water filtration system, slashing their water waste from 380,000 gallons per day (a typical industry number) to just 1,200 (in the form of evaporation and minor spillage), they enlisted Blanda, the Swiss-born artist whose work is a celebration of the female form, to help mark the occasion.
It's been a bleak time for men as the lascivious ogres of media and politics, who were exposed by the #MeToo movement, sullied the collective reputation of the male gender. Lamenting the ills of “toxic masculinity” has become a favourite pastime among both media critics and public observers — and rightly so, as the women who suffered at the hands of abusive men can attest. Yet something important and even encouraging has been lost in all of the furore: a new generation of 21st century male icons have emerged — and a new form of masculinity with it.
In March, Instagram announced a new shopping feature that would allow users to shop and purchase items on the platform without leaving the app. The launch is the latest in a slew of updates from the past year that allow users to seamlessly shop across Instagram's feed, Explore page, business profiles and Stories.