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24 April, 2019
2 May, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #106

Fashion is finally waking up to sustainability – but the lexicon surrounding eco-friendly and ethical fashion is fraught with inaccuracies. In ‘Get Your Greens’, an ongoing series launched to coincide with Earth Day 2019, Vogue explores how the industry is advancing towards a greener future.
What does it really mean for a fashion brand to be “sustainable”? Some companies tout their use of recycled and reclaimed fibers, or their use of natural (non-petroleum based) raw materials, while others focus on timeless designs and artisanal labor, or their reduction of energy and water consumption. But these definitions lead down very different paths.
Vans began a pilot program across 24 SoCal retail locations this month wherein customers can drop off old or unwearable shoes. The turned-in footwear will be repurposed into park benches, phone cases, skateboard decks and more through a partnership with innovative recycling company TerraCycle.