SUMMER 19| Linen
10 July, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #116

Most toddlers’ idea of a fun time would be a set of markers and a white wall. Extra-ambitious ones might sign up for piano lessons or gymnastics. But when Liam Mango turned three, he asked his mom if he could be a star.
Somewhere on a recent digital safari spent googling “the Irish backstop” and “David Lidington” – with a brief detour via Gavin Williamson’s Instagram account (spoiler alert: it’s all puppies and UK F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter aircraft) – my browser history indicates that I spent more than two hours perusing black trousers.
Andrew Bolton, as The Met’s Costume Institute curator, is fashion’s most influential storyteller. Here, he talks Anna Wintour, Rei Kawakubo, camp and why he feels “invisible” at the Met Gala.