How to Mix Textures
27 November, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #133

From the earliest tailors to modern day runways; from the high street to The Devil Wears Prada, clothing as a form of art and self-expression has been at the heart of the human experience for centuries. Throughout that time, the fashion industry has largely operated on a push model, by using manual processes to make what designers wanted to sell, rather than what consumers wanted to buy.
Shopping is an ubiquitous part of American culture that peaks during the holiday season in spurts of deal-hunting and gift-giving. Anyone who has made efforts to go zero-waste or plastic-free knows how difficult it can be to maintain those goals while finding meaningful presents for loved ones. So when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, you might experience the internal conflict of responsibility to the planet with the desire to give gifts. We love that you love the planet, so we’ve put together some ideas of ways to enjoy the season without leaving behind a Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint.
Would you believe that something as standard as buying a t-shirt can directly impact someone halfway around the world? That the chemicals used to color your clothes are likely polluting waterways? That with every clothing purchase you make, you are essentially voting for or against the future of the planet?