Sustainable textile innovations | Part two
6 March, 2019
13 March, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #99

Suits. When the fall 2019 runway season closed here Tuesday night, that was the singular message delivered by almost every design house. The emphasis here was on trousers — wide and comfortable — and a matching blazer. Suits. Still considered a signifier of classic professionalism, it also connotes efficiency, old-fashioned gender-blurring and a reprieve from the ubiquity of dresses because for a while, there were so, so many dresses.
Karl Lagerfeld famously said many things, and one of them was that he did not like funerals. “I do not want anyone to come to mine. Do what you want with the ashes,” he told Vanessa Gregoriadis in a 2002 profile in New York. “Send them down the garbage chute.”
Maybe you’ve recognized Veja’s white sneakers (and its unmistakable signature “V”) on the streets. Maybe you’ve seen them in stores or perhaps you are one of the brand’s 184,000 followers on Instagram. Or maybe you were introduced to the brand when Meghan Markle wore them during her autumn royal tour. The point is, you definitely know Veja — because according to global fashion search platform Lyst, the eco-friendly footwear label has topped the “Insta Brand We Want to Wear” category of its Year in Fashion report for 2018.