Discover how Portugal's €138 million sustainable fashion bioeconomy program is transforming the fashion industry.


Often considered one of the most polluting sectors, the fashion world is now in the midst of a transformative journey towards sustainability. At the heart of this change is Portugal’s ambitious “beat by be@t” bioeconomy program, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to merge innovation and sustainability.

Rethinking Fashion: The Bioeconomy Revolution

The fashion industry’s reputation as a major environmental offender has encouraged a need for change. In response to this urgent demand, the “beat by be@t” program has emerged as a beacon of hope. But what exactly is the bioeconomy within the context of fashion, and is it merely a lofty concept or a tangible reality?
According to Muchaneta van Napel, Director of Shape Innovate and a distinguished guest professor at the University of Arts in London, who recently addressed the issue at Exponor as part of Modtíssimo, the Portuguese textile and fashion industry fair, the bioeconomy is an immediate reality that commands our attention. Despite repeated warnings, the fashion industry remains one of the world’s leading contributors to environmental pollution.

The “beat by be@t” Initiative: A Paradigm Shift in the Making

Van Napel’s insights set the stage for the “beat by be@t” program, spearheaded by the Technological Center for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal (Citeve). This collaborative initiative involves 54 entities dedicated to fostering sustainability across the fashion industry’s entire supply chain, from production to consumption. Supported by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, this program represents a substantial investment of €138 million in the bioeconomy, signaling a profound shift away from fossil-derived materials.

Uniting for Change

A central challenge of this initiative is bringing together companies, universities, technological centers, and various stakeholders to collaborate in developing innovative raw materials, cutting-edge technologies, advanced manufacturing processes, and state-of-the-art equipment. Simultaneously, the program emphasizes the critical importance of responsible consumption – a message underscored by Muchaneta van Napel during the program’s launch when she remarked, “It is never too much to educate the public about the terrible environmental cost of fast fashion.”

Empowering the Textile Sector: Education and Innovation

To empower the textile sector, BCSD Portugal (Business Council for Sustainable Development), a non-profit association representing more than 140 national companies dedicated to sustainability, conducted a comprehensive needs assessment. The results were used to develop a robust training plan aimed at industry and retail professionals. This training focuses on three core pillars: Eco-Design, Eco-Engineering, and Sustainability. The involvement of several schools and universities, including the School of Art and Design in Matosinhos and the Universities of Aveiro, Nova de Lisboa, and Católica, further strengthens the program’s potential.

Nurturing Creativity: A Competition for Change

In addition to its educational efforts, the “beat by be@t” program seeks to stimulate creativity and innovation among fashion designers and textile engineers. A competition has been announced, inviting participants to design circular solutions based on eco-engineering and eco-design principles. Until March 31st, aspiring participants can apply for one of two ideation sessions, where they will be challenged to devise solutions to challenges posed by Tintex Textiles and Riopele Têxteis over two and a half days.

Celebrating Progress: The Grand Finale

The culmination of the “beat by be@t” program is eagerly awaited. At the October edition of ModaLisboa, five finalist projects will be presented, with one emerging as the ultimate winner. The prize package is nothing short of extraordinary, offering the winner the opportunity to market their product or collection in an internationally-focused circularity retail point. Additionally, the winner will have access to specialized consulting, training, and exclusive events from the 2024 edition of the “beat by be@t” programe. Participation in Portuguese delegations and international trade fairs adds a global dimension to this prestigious award.

In conclusion, Portugal’s €138 million investment in sustainable fashion through the “beat by be@t” bioeconomy program is a resounding testament to the industry’s commitment to change. The journey towards sustainability and the bioeconomy is gaining momentum, driven by collaboration, education, and innovation. As we eagerly await the presentation of the program’s projects at ModaLisboa, the fashion world is on the cusp of witnessing transformative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

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