For a better planet, we stand for sustainable production

Creating fashion with care for people and the planet

Since we have been in the fashion market for a long time, we are  continuously working towards becoming a more sustainable company. When it comes to find the best for our business, customers, manufacturers, and the planet there is no finish line – we choose sustainable production.


We stand for ethical clothing

Developing fair apparel for the best sustainable clothing brands

Our clothing pieces are one of the basis of our own style. It leads us to express our personality, no matter the occasion. The clothes we wear can say a lot about who we are. They give us the right amount of comfort we need, while allowing us to feel confident, stylish, and trendy. That’s why we love clothing.


Being placed at Vila do Conde, the heart of the textile industry in Portugal, and a town with a strong connection to this industry and environment, made us more aware of the importance of protecting our community. Locally and globally.

Our clothing choices reflect our values and help us leaving a positive stamp in the world. This way, we implement good practices by working closely to our manufacturing partners, using eco-friendly materials, and ensuring safe, fair and equal working environment to all the people involved.

That way we are contributing to the dignity of the local community and the world. Our commitment relies on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. We take actions to advance societal goals.

Portugal Textile is committed to align strategies and operations with these goals during all the processes of our business. That way, we aim to preserve the human rights, equality, decent work, our industry, and the environment. Here you can see some of the goals that we prioritize during our activity.


We can develop your collection with sustainable materials

These are only some of the innovative options! We can provide you many more alternatives.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Recycled wool

Recycled wool

Biodegradable polyester

Biodegradable polyester

Biodegradable polyester is a sustainable alternative to regular polyester, designed to break down naturally in the environment, reducing plastic pollution.







Modal is a soft, eco-friendly textile made from beechwood pulp, commonly used in clothing and bedding for its comfort and sustainability.





Our manufacturer partners

We work with more than 20 factories!

Portugal Textile works with a huge growing network of trusted manufacturers with sustainable supply chains. Each factory has its own expertise, we have a network that can produce all textile categories for women and men.

We are always looking for the best suppliers committed to long-term partnerships with us. Our partners share our values and understand the importance of sustainability and transparency. We value a progressive mindset, openness to evolving, and collaboration.

We would love to hear about your project!

Are you ready?


Sustainable pineapple sneaker

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COLOR: Cream
STYLE: Sneaker