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Responsible Production Of Jeans

Responsible Production Of Jeans

The whole world wears denim jeans! We wear denim so often that we no longer question its composition. How is the masterpiece of all our wardrobes produced? Where is it produced? What is its impact on the planet?

2 billion jeans are sold worldwide each year, or 60 jeans per second, making them one of the most worn items of clothing. It takes between 7000 and 10000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans, which is equivalent to about 85 showers, and they can travel the equivalent of 65 000 km before ending up in our wardrobes. In addition, its CO2 emissions are estimated at 20 kg on average and up to 40 kg.

With so much denim being consumed it was impossible for us not to look at more responsible ways of manufacturing ways for our planet!

More Sustainable Materials – Jeans:

Alternatives for a more responsible denim production:

-recycled cotton: this material is mixed with non-recycled cotton because 100% recycled cotton is not yet strong once spun because its fibers are shorter.

-natural materials: hemp, linen, lyocell, viscose.

-recycled polyester.

These textiles can be certified with the following labels: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS (Organic Content Standard).

Cleaner Dyes:

The production of dye requires large amounts of water and chemicals. Today, many brands are working to find a non-toxic indigo. Traditional indigo is the least polluting way to dye jeans.

The most polluting way is “finishing”, which makes jeans look worn, even though they are new. While the look is damaged, it also really damages the garment which is less durable.

Many responsible brands are working to develop the most environmentally friendly jeans possible.

Here are our tips for preserving your jeans:

-Wash your jeans cold and let them air dry rather than tumble dry.

-When your jeans are too worn out, you can turn them into shorts.

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