The History Of The Fashion Industry

Come with us understanding the history of the fashion industry!

Back In The Days

In prehistoric times, in the early days of humanity, clothing was only functional. Indeed, many ethnologists believe that man invented clothing out of modesty, to hide his nakedness. 

From the 14th century onwards, aristocratic fashion was born: fashion allowed the wealthy classes to distinguish themselves from the working classes. “Fashion was then a know-how; if it did not yet have a real identity, it was the mirror of the social condition. At court, we walk about costumes. These were necessarily flashy, the materials were rare and the fabrics sumptuous. It was also during this period that people began to use perfume and make-up. 

The 20th century is referred to as the century of fashion, which saw the emergence of the greatest designers such as Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent.   

Furthermore, the industrial revolution with the birth of electricity allowed the emergence of department stores. For the first time in its history, clothing leaves the thatched cottages where the family mother made it. It very quickly invaded the shop windows of the big cities and the provinces. 

During the Second World War, restrictions put the Haute-Couture houses at risk. Textiles were among the first products to be restricted, primarily for the arms industry. 

During the summer of 1945, European women were looking for change, color and innovation. This was the period when clothes were inspired by the Americans. Fashion became “fashion” and it was this term that defined a transition. The women who had replaced the men who had gone to the front to work in the factories, returned to the home. After years of assembled outfits, women became feminine. Christian Dior, a young designer, invented the “New-Look” which gave women a new waist. 

Over the years styles change and evolve: the 60’s marked the emancipation of women with the decade of the iconic miniskirt by Pierre Cardin, Courrèges or Yves Saint-Laurent; the 70’s were marked by bohemian dresses, leggings, flowing blouses, psychedelic prints… ; the 80’s were known for the birth of a rebellious fashion with the arrival of punks, goths… the 90’s were identified with crop tops, mom jeans and scrunchies… 

Fashion industry during our days

Consumer abuse, also described as fast fashion, is therefore a fairly recent system, which took off in the 1990s to 2000. The 21st century is marked by the birth of the big brands. The rise of the internet has obviously marked the development of these.  

Following the Second World War, France was destroyed and consumption became very low. On the other hand, the period of the Trente Glorieuses highlights a period of real growth. 

The term “consumer society” was first used in 1950 by the American economist John Kenneth Galbraith. This expression is not without meaning, as consumption has become a lifestyle: owning more systematically makes people happier. During this same period, the first supermarkets appeared, as well as the birth of social security, health insurance, pension schemes… There was a real improvement in living conditions. 

During this period, we notice the arrival of mass marketing thanks to the work of advertising. These fields will lead to the creation of new concepts such as the one forget by King Gillette or by the Dim brand: programmed/planned obsolescence. 

Our society has completely lost the notion of the life cycle of a product. Consumers throw away products that are still in good condition and contain valuable raw materials. The problem lies in the abundance of cheap products in international trade, which has completely derailed consumer rationality. 

Our Role:

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During all these years of experience we have detected some problems that brands have to deal with. Such as: The search for suitable manufacturers adjusted to their needs. And the focus on sustainability from all the stakeholders of the supply chain.

Choosing the right clothing manufacturer is one of the most important, but difficult stage. A brand can have the best designers and marketing, but if it does not have a good product, then it will not sell.

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