TRENDS | Utility Style
3 April, 2019
TREND | Color-Blocked Denim Styles
10 April, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #103

While shopping for my dog, which I adopted a little over a year ago, at a nearby (now-closed) Petsmart, I was overwhelmed by the amount of kitschy clothing that was available. The offerings ranged from cheesy (So. Many. Puns.) to adorable ("Star Wars"-themed!) and everything was still extremely stuck in strange gender binary stereotypes (pink "I Don't Give a Frap" shirts for her; blue "Drinking Buddy" tees for him). It became clear that if there's an industry that still needed disruption, fashion for your four-legged pet was it, and a recent surge of brands, from luxury to more accessible price points, are doing just that by offering stylish apparel for dogs.
Projected to be a $95.14 billion dollar industry by 2025, nearly doubling from its $55 billion dollar valuation in 2016 and fueled by millennials and Gen-Zers with smartphones and a wifi connection, the sneaker industry has seen stunning growth over the last five years.
For a recent project, I was asked to optimize store traffic for the flagship store of a leading luxury fashion brand in Asia. Given the exorbitant rent at this prime location and the high cost of running the place (personnel, maintenance, decoration, inventory, etc.), foot traffic and in-store sales weren’t high enough to make the flagship profitable.