24 July, 2019

Weekly Digest – Issue #118

More than a year after its inaugural release, the Versace Chain Reaction sneaker continues to make waves among sneakerheads and luxury fashion fanatics alike. The Italian house has steadily released new colorways and variations of the sneaker to much fanfare, a sign the silhouette is much more than a flash in the pan.
Spanish fashion retailer Zara has announced that 100 per cent of the cotton, linen and polyester used in its clothing will be more sustainable, organic or recycled by 2025. Zara's holding group, Inditex – the world's third largest clothing company according to Forbes – made the sustainability pledge at its annual shareholders' meeting on 16 July.
From a block away, you could smell the Nag Champa in the air, like a sandalwood smoke signal. As you got closer you could hear the music echoing through the canyon of Manhattan, then see the crowd outside the building, sometimes 40 or 50 deep, spilling off the sidewalk onto Lafayette Street. The locus of it all was ostensibly a store—but back then, when it first opened, in 1994, retail concerns seemed incidental to the real purpose of Supreme, which sprung to life as a frenetic meet-up spot for the growing downtown New York skate community.