Denim Fabrics Trends | SS19
31 January, 2018
3 Keys to Success Before Launching a Fashion Brand
7 February, 2018

Weekly Digest | Issue #45

This week we look at the past and see what pieces are still worthing the "hype", but we also see the fashion predictions for this year for you to know exactly what you shhould buy. Also, we wonder if online can deliver personalisation as good as retailers.
Fashion Predictions for 2018
W Magazine makes a few guesses about the trends, labels, and key pieces that women everywhere will be trying out in 2018. Check out what ther predictions for this year!
Top 2017 Trends
To buy or not to buy? Marie Claire analyzes 2017's top fashion trends, because shopping doesn't have to be risky business.
Online Personalization
Personalization is a priority for retailers, but can Online vendors deliver? When it comes to a personalized shopping experience, fashion brands tend to be ahead of the pack, but even then, when many retailers say “personalization,” it’s more like customization. Read more about it!