Ideas To Dress In Comfy Trousers For The Summer

After months of quarantine and working from home, it seems nobody was actually ready to go back to their office routines. As you know, sweatpants became the regular look for a lot of us, and now that we have to dress up a little, it feels like the comfy feeling will disappear. But fear no more! These wide-leg trousers will be your salvation for the summer.

Wide-leg trousers are such an inspiration for us. They are comfortable, so you can wear them anywhere you go… They have a very polished look when paired with a white Oxford shirt, or a more relaxed vibe with a grungy t-shirt… At the end of this article I feel like each one of you will want wide-leg pants in their closet!

Even if you are used to wearing dresses or skirts in the summer, keep scrolling and see how we pair this clothing piece in different styles. And at the end, tell us if we were able to change your mind!

The Classic Oxford Shirt

Ideas To Dress In Wide-Leg Trousers for the summer. Beige trousers with a white Oxford shirt.

This one is an easy breezy look to throw in the morning and be completely ready for work. A piece of clothing everyone should have in their closet, the white Oxford shirt, pairs amazingly with beige wide-leg pants.

The Grunge Look

Ideas To Dress In Wide-Leg Trousers for the summer. Beige trousers with a grunge black shirt.

If you are looking for an edgy look with grunge vibes, just pick your favorite band shirt or a black shirt with cool graphics and you good to go! Details are important, so don’t forget to add earrings or a necklace to complete the look.

Tank Top Vibes

Ideas To Dress In Wide-Leg Trousers for the summer. Black and white stripes pants with a white tank top.

This is an easy one as well. The tank top we all own and have in our wardrobes, is a smart option to show-off your summer vibes. If you are deciding on a light coloured top, choose a darker tone for the trousers, like these cute striped pants!

All White Elegance

Ideas To Dress In Wide-Leg Trousers for the summer. All white outfit, white trousers, white top and a white jacket.

This is such a stylish ensemble, and in one of the color trends of the year! All white outfits are sometimes underrated, but we think they make a great statement in a very minimal way.

The Fashionable Look

Ideas To Dress In Wide-Leg Trousers for the summer. Elegant white top with green wide-leg trousers.

If you are looking for the perfect outfit for a night out, you can always select a more ornamented top and pair it with a coloured wide-leg trouser. Ankle strap sandals and a cute clutch can shape this into such an elegant ensemble!

We hope you are convinced this is an essential piece for your summer! Keep reading about 2020 summer trends.

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