Autumn TikTok Trends People Are Actually Going To Wear

With autumn here, it feels like the right time to investigate the big new TikTok Trends of this season. Nowadays, people are, more and more, searching for trends, fashion inspirations and street style outfits at the virtual pavements of social media, instead of the classic runways.

On TikTok trends grow up almost out of nowhere, with little regard for what’s available in stores, what designers are offering, or even what people are searching for. We started to understand that seasons almost don’t exist on TikTok. People always wear what they want, when they want. It doesn´t matter if it’s very hot outside when you’re filming yourself on your new cold-weather outfits. This social media has exploded during quarantine, because we all had endless time to spend watching entertainment videos. The app is known for dance challenges and comic videos, although, in one scroll we are going to find almost as much fashion inspo as a trip to Instagram.

Therefore, TikTok involves an environment of alternative cultures and unique styles, which you might not so readily find on other platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. It brings the strangest fashion themes, although they slowly become liked and shared from lots of teens. And, suddenly, with the high impact and visibility of the videos some of the pieces creators are wearing, become viral, others turn into trends and others become even mainstream. Influencers incorporate some of the coolest pieces of the moment in their videos. And we believe that this will inspire many teenagers to follow the trends and to mix some of them into their own wardrobes.

So, keep scrolling for the autumnal TikTok trends people are going to wear:

Printed Trousers

Flare trousers in mesh fabrics and knits are trending! It’s all about a slim fit with a kick-flare hemline. Think of them as a comfy upgrade from loungewear. As we already said, TikTok is the best place to showcase statement fits. The trippy, ’60s-inspired motifs are popping off on the app right now. Creators also wear them as two-piece sets for a larger impact.

Printed Trousers | Pinterest | Bershka

Faux-Fur Trims

Faux Fur-trimmed jackets, coats and cardigans seen on TikTok are providing a 90´s vibes! Wear this vintage trend with something plain for a more simple outfit.

Faux-Fur Trims | Pinterest | House Of Sunny

Dark Academia Looks

Intellectual looks are trending on TikTok. Big blouse collars, black skirts and loafers make a total college look. Dark Academia looks are a TikTok-born trend that have been growing in the upper echelons of fashion, with Dior’s autumn collection being full of the kind of prim, school-ish looks. You can imagine you’re going to study at Hogwarts with a restrict uniform and you’ll be on the right track for this trend!

Intelectual Looks | Pinterest | Dior

Leather Coats

This is a great trend to buy from charity shops or vintage stores, as the look was very seen in the ’90s. You can use your leather coat with a monochromatic look for a more elevated outfit, or, if you prefer you can match it with your favorite pair of jeans and a great boots.

Leather Coats | Pinterest | Uterque

Colored Shirts

We can always count on TikTok to bring us the loudest and most strange trends and styling ideas, but lately, one of the favorite looks of the app is a more classic staple —the button-down shirt. People are using it in vibrant shades like green and fuchsia. This piece gives a simple-but-cool ‘fit. You can combine a tank top with wide trousers, and a pink shirt worn unbuttoned. This formula is worth wearing on repeat.

Colored Shirts | Pinterest | Mango

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