Color blocking: vibrant trends

Color blocking, will this vibrant trend be a good option for the season? Let’s find out together.

Although this trend might be a bit peculiar, it could not be better suited for the season ahead. Whenever your day seems to start off in a weird way, there is nothing better than adding a pop of color to your look. Or even going for a full on colorful outfit. This trend might not be for everyone, but if you want to get inspired to wear bright colors, learn to rock this spring trend with us.

The recipe for a successful color blocking is to combine two or more vibrant colored pieces. Go for more unusual combinations like orange and blue, red and pink, green and yellow, or even purple and green. These are some of the most used options among the color spectrum. Start with colors that you feel most comfortable using or combine colors of the same tone. Then, think about taking a risk and leave your comfort zone using more vibrant colors with greater contrast.

Don’t get us wrong, vibrant colors are not the only selection for the trend of color blocking. More creamy colors like pastels can also be a great alternative for those who like a more toned down outfit.

These shades can give you a boost of energy and happiness for the day, while sweet and more feminine colors can give off a sober and discreet look. You just have to choose your place within this style.

Since our lives are spent at home most of the time these days, take the chance to go all out and start by creating your home looks and then adapting them to the outside world!

Some suggestions

Here are a few tips for those of you who want to start wearing color blocking:

  • Don’t do color blocking with printed pieces and patterns;
  • Explore the possibility of doing color blocking with accessories, not only clothes;
  • Balance a look by wearing this trend on a blazer, a shirt or a vest;
  • If you want to make an impact choose opposite colors in the color wheel. Go crazy and combine green with red or even orange and purple.
vibrant colors (pink and green)
nude colors (lilac and green)
Pastel colors
vibrant colors (pink and orange)

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