Juliet Johnstone: The Artist Behind Hand-Painted Outfits

You might have already heard of her, and probably seen her pieces in Bella Hadid’s Instagram, or Dua Lipa’s wardrobe. Yes, Juliet Johnstone is the one and only artist behind the customized outfits full of butterflies and flowers that seem to be jumping straight out of our wardrobes from 1995. The retro look has been greatly appreciated by the two celebrities. And the retro vibes and vibrant colourful memories makes us want to buy two of everything!

Juliet Johnstone The Artist Behind Hand Painted Outfits. Several pants hand-painted by Juliet in her studio.

Retro Handmade Pants Dressed By Celebrities

Juliet Johnstone is a Los Angeles-based artist that creates wearable art with strong references to the ’60s. From painting on canvas, the artist started experimenting with painting on her own pants and the results were crazy. The interest was immediate when the first pair appeared on Instagram, and sales blew up with Bella Hadid’s post.

Juliet Johnstone The Artist Behind Hand Painted Outfits. Bella Hadid's Instagram photo, wearing Juliet's custom made pants.

Hand-painted denim has become a special micro trend in the fashion world. Simon Miller and Ralph Lauren have some pieces reviving this hand painting style, but smaller brands and artists are the ones with the edge on this trend. Actually anyone can try out this trend at home with their own jeans. But if you are looking for something extremely beautiful and a real art piece, Juliet’s designs are it. For her, they transcend fashion and are a way to make the art world more accessible for everyone.

Besides Dickies or Carhartt pants, Juliet extended her collection to pullover fleeces. The idea comes from her upbringing in Malibu, where surfing and hiking were included in everyone’s daily routine. After their daily exercise, friends would put on their Patagonia fleeces, but for her, the fit was never right. Now, her collection brings you fleeces with a tailored cut and perfect fit!

Juliet Johnstone The Artist Behind Hand Painted Outfits. Juliet wearing her custom fleece and pants.

It is now 2020 and you can find in her website her classic pants, fleeces and so much more. Although the butterfly fleece continues to be our favourite, her wide range of tanks is fabulous, and her purse is the perfect accessory for a ’60s outfit!

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