Weekly Digest – Issue #93
25 January, 2019
Weekly Digest – Issue #94
1 February, 2019

SPRING 2019 | Tie Dye

Oh, tie-dye. While we’re personally big fans of the bold print we get why it’s often associated with slightly less fashion-focused moments such as childhood art projects or your dad’s psychedelic hippie t-shirt he just won’t throw away (never throw it away!). However, because summer is upon us and we’re ready and willing to give bright colours a spin in just about every way possible we decided to turn to street style for some modern inspiration on how to wear tie-dye in 2019. If the word ‘tripping’ makes you think of actually falling (and illegal drugs don’t even come to mind) wearing tie dye can be intimidating.  Check some outfits to wear tie dye without making a huge fashion mistake.