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See How Fashion Brands Are Learning To Love TikTok

See How Fashion Brands Are Learning To Love TikTok

For those who don't know the app (or apparently are over 25), TikTok is THE app of the moment. With more than half a billion users, TikTok is dedicated to sharing short videos of people lip-synching, dancing, you name it. So, where do fashion brands fit in in this new, unexplored world? In February, TikTok sent...

Whats Next for Retail and Luxury

What’s Next for Retail and Luxury?

By Business of Fashion While both the retail and luxury sectors have suffered less than some other industry groups this year amid fallout from the global pandemic, analysts’ share price goals suggest that the post-virus lockdown recovery may be a long one as consumers adapt to new ways of shopping. The combined 12-month price target for the...