The Perfect Wide Leg Trousers Outfits

With winter here, we have been thinking about the season’s must haves and wondering what are the new trends. And of course, the best ways to wear wide leg trousers. This type of trousers are trending nowadays. However, this item always seems to be difficult to pair with other clothing or shoe pieces.

The street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week offered many inspirations on this topic and taught us how to style this trousers design.

Whether you prefer leather pants or traditional suit, we have seen lots of options of wide leg trousers, for every tastes during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Furthermore, the question is: Is there anything more classic than a pair of trousers? I’d say no. The timeless item finds a home in everyone’s wardrobe, in every corner of the globe, regardless of age or gender. So we have selected the perfect wide-leg trousers outfits.

Are these groundbreaking outfit formulas? No, but sometimes, the best looks are the most simple!

Keep scrolling for the best wide-leg trousers outfits:

Wide Leg Trousers Suit

An oversized suit can be an extremely comfortable option. The tip to wear these type of outfit is to make sure our trouser hem is tailored, so we don’t run the risk of damaging our clothes. You can opt for a basic model or a go with key trend colors that stand out in the outfit. Heels with wide-leg tailoring pants are going to be your meeting’s look. This outfit screams business! Pointed-toe pumps will elongate our legs and make us appear taller, which is always a bonus! If you prefer a more sleek look try a monochromatic suit and match it with black classic heels, and you will be prepared to face the day.

from ZARA
Inspirational Photos | Pinterest; Green Suit | Zara

Denim Wide Leg

Jeans never go out of style, regardless of the time that passes and the season in which we find ourselves. Spending all day in tight fashion pieces is not pleasant or comfortable. After wearing only tracksuit pants, we can’t leave comfort aside and go without pants with a wider cut, however stylish. So we suggest you to try denim jeans and match them with a basic black shirt or with your favorite knit sweater!

Wide Leg Trousers With Heels | Zara; Inspirational Photo | Pinterest; Wide Leg Trousers With Knit Shirt | Mango

Wide Leg Leather Trousers

The truth is that leather has the capacity of keeping us warm. Leather trousers make all the difference in an outfit, because their material just elevate any look. So, you can opt for a wider fit and your look will continue to be amazing but comfortable at the same time. We love the design and the detail of the belt of this leather trousers from Uterque. Try an all black look with this different texture.

Inspirational Photos | Pinterest; Black Leather Trousers | Uterque

Printed Wide Leg Trousers

For a bold and statement look we suggest you to try printed trousers. If you prefer a more trendy outfit, this option will be simple but sophisticated at the same time. Try a simple design for the shirts and sweaters to achieve the perfect balance.

from MANGO
Inspirational Photos | Pinterest; Printed Black And Orange Trousers | Mango

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