This summer, lilac promises not to go unnoticed.

Despite the vibrant colors being the protagonist of this summer, pastel shades are still the highlights and within them, lilac promises not to go unnoticed, being one of the main centers of this season.

Also called lavender, this color has everything to do with summertime, however it can also appear in other seasons.

Lilac, strange as it sounds, is an extremely versatile color. You can combine it with several colors, or even create a monochromatic look that will work. To prove that you can use accessories and pieces in that tone without fear, see the following examples:

In the details:

We never saw so many bags, shoes, sneakers, and jewelry in this shade as we do now.

For those who like it invest in the season’s trending colors, lilac can’t be missing to complement their look. In addition of being a very current color, a look all in pastel shades is still and excellent and totally feminine option.

Betting on accessories is a smart option for those who are not sure if the tone will work. Mixing it with neutral colors is a great option to succeed, you will hardly not like it.

Monochromatic looks:

The monochromatic look has no chance of failing. This look is not for people who have a more basic taste, however it works on many occasions.

To complement the look, invest in bags and shoes with more neutral colors so there’s not too much information in the look.


For those who like to take risks, you can always invest in looks with colors that create contrast. Blue, yellow and green are great alternatives, however with this composition you can’t go unnoticed.

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