Muscle Tee | The T-Shirt That Will Go On To Be A Trend In 2021

In 2020 the muscle tee was a big trend and seen in several looks. This amazing piece has not been forgotten and will continue to be a trend in 2021.

The muscle tee is the perfect piece to build casual looks. This trend has left the world of men’s fashion and entered the women’s fashion in a slightly modified style.

This t-shirt is generally seen as an oversized sleeveless garment, but in the current styles it has gained a pair of shoulder pads. Despite being a basic piece, it is a great option to make any look more fun without great difficulty. In addition to bringing a more relaxed mood, this tee can also be part of more sophisticated looks, for more formal events.

How to use:

For more relaxed looks, the combination of muscle tees with jeans and sneakers is the most recommended. For those of you who like to go for more formal outfits, adding a heel and chic pants is ideal. And if you are into a romantic vibe, combining this trend with silk or linen skirts and discreet accessories is always a good option.

Despite all the fuss about muscle tees, you should be careful when creating your look. Due to the longer elongated ends, this t-shirt visually increases the shoulder area. For those of you who have broad shoulders and are uncomfortable with enhancing the upper body, it may be better to invest in other trendy pieces.

A tip for this trend is to combine it with a more voluminous bottom, in order to balance the proportions of the body. Pleated skirts and cargo pants perform well in these cases. For women who have broad hips and narrower shoulders, this t-shirt goes well with tighter pieces and can be complemented with something to accentuate the waist.

Since this piece has low-cut sides, it is important to pay attention and wear lingerie that is interesting to show.

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