Trend Alert | The Red Oversized Sweater

You know that piece of clothing that becomes somehow the statement piece of a season? That appears out of the blue on an It girl who looks so flawless strutting on the streets with it and you suddenly have the urge to buy because all you wardrobe looks depend on it? Like you would literally cry if you don’t buy it and whine about it the rest of the year? Well we feel you, we do!

Regretting not to buy a piece of clothing you love is worse then regretting a terrible one night stand! Don’t cry no more babe! We got your back! Here is the trend you don’t want to miss, the oversized red sweater and a list of 14 of them and all the places where you can get it by click on the images.

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Portugal Textile worker doing the quality control of two orange sneakers.

Sustainable pineapple sneaker

REF: 896743
COLOR: Cream
STYLE: Sneaker