Tropical Men Shirts For Summer

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August is here and our streets are packed with tourists strolling around, the weather here is amazing and our beaches are beautiful so we get the fascination. The trend this summer is to go with the beachy and tropical theme, blend with the view and the weather, pretend you are a tourist enjoying vacations by the ocean, drinking coconut water under a palm tree. We know most of our readers are sitting by a desk imagining sunny holidays that will never come, hating every single person with a tan line. We feel you! We share the hate! But for now fake it till you make with one of these!



















Short Sleeve Meadow Floral Shirt 40,00€ at TOPMAN


















Bowling Printed Shirt 22,95€ at ZARA





















Shore Leave  Tropical Short-Sleeve Shirt 62€ at URBAN OUTFITTERS



















Religion Short Sleeve Shirt With Pineapple Print 67,57€ at ASOS















Bay Shirt 29,99€ at O’NEILL



















Ps by Paul Smith floral-print shirt 180€ at FARFETCH


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Portugal Textile worker doing the quality control of two orange sneakers.

Orange Slip on

REF: 023534
COLOR: Orange
STYLE: Slip on

Sustainable pineapple sneaker

REF: 896743
COLOR: Cream
STYLE: Sneaker

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