Why Are Top Brands Placing Their Production In Portugal?

We decided to analyze the reasons that make Top Brands placing their production in our country, Portugal.

We have done some research with the aim of better understand the real motivations of the top brands when they choose Portugal as their destination to produce their fashion collections.

Portugal has a great manufacturing tradition when it comes to textiles and shoes. From small independents to luxury top brands, most of the fashion labels produce their clothes and shoes around the city of Porto. Such as: Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tommy Hilfigher and many others.

At the end of the 90’s, many brands moved their production to Asia to increase their margins. Places like Hong Kong, China and India became the center of textile production, including for designers and luxury brands. But today, Portugal sees many of them returning to stay. Due to sustainability, creativity, quality, technology, true and reliable partnerships with agencies, factories and many other fashion professionals.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and quarantine went into effect in 2020, Portugal felt that their production chains slowed down. Although, our country stayed true to sustainability, ethics, and a customized service during the process of developing a collection.

Furthermore, recently, Portugal has positioned itself as a potential sustainable textile capital. So, at a time when fashion were and are suffering many deep changes, our country seems to be prepared to face new challenges, keep evolving, and become one step forward from other countries and places, with new solutions and high-quality sustainable options.

This way, our country became the place where the top international luxury brands are converging.

The Main Reasons:

  • Textile production in Asia refused to slow down since the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that the production in Asia has not declined since the pandemic, but exports have been an issue, in addition to quality production.
  • Portugal has become the heaven for natural materials, and sustainable processes when it comes to the production of fashion collections.
  • Over the past few years through the pandemic, highlighting – pre to post pandemic, Modtissimo, the official fair of the Portuguese textile and clothing industry, and the ATP (Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal) have identified their contribution for the industry. Such as the increases in textile and clothing exports in millions of euros.
  • Fashion events, fairs, the evolution of technologies, and healthy competition between companies are boosting more ethical business types. And inviting brands to challenge themselves on better production execution with sustainable materials and less delays.
  • Reactivity: It is possible to get a production done with short lead times, and reorders if everything is done with antecedence.
  • Proximity and Accessibility: Portugal is approximately 2 hours’ flight from Paris or London. There are frequent flights for these destinations. It is also typically cheaper and faster to ship merchandise from Portugal to Continental Europe.
  • Brands are starting to question themselves about fast fashion and mass production methods. Plus they are searching for local manufacturers or agencies that can provide a customized service and transparency relationships. And Portugal is perfect for that because it gathers all of these and give designers more possibilities to trying other fields and techniques of design.

Our Role Working With Top Brands:

Top brands are our main target. We love working closely to them and the, and give them all the support they need, providing creative design proposals, moodboards, samples, production with high quality materials and fabrics. We play a reliable role between the fashion top brands and the suppliers to provide an integrated and quality service.

As a company operating in the fashion industry our role is to be aware of the currently changes of the industry and offer sustainable options for the top and luxury brands that want to place their production in Portugal and work with us in order to create their own collections. 

We are waiting for you to place your production in Portugal and to build your journey with us. Be part of the better side of fashion!

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