Why You Need The ‘Made in Portugal’ Tag


We could give you thousands of reasons to love our country as much as we do and believe us, our awesomeness has nothing to do with Ronaldo’s beautiful scoring kicks. Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake and that’s why we want you to know a bit more of what makes us that special.

One of the reasons is probably in your closet, that’s right, you are probably carrying a piece of us right about now! Maybe even the shoes you picked for your first job interview were handcrafted by a Portuguese artisan, or that beautiful Victoria Beckham dress you wore on your first blind date had our Made in Portugal tag.

Pretty sure Portugal puts a smile on Victoria’s face since she keeps picking us for her collections! Actually, she is not the only one, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Isabel Marant, ALexander McQueen… we could go on, but you get the picture, we are so cool that all the cool kids want us to join them.

Victoria_Beckham_pre_fall_2017_collection1Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2017

Not convinced yet? Let us give you some facts! Real facts taken of graphics and charts and all that mathematical stuff we pretend to understand.

Fact 1: We have very similar craftsmanship to Italy and France with significantly lower labour costs

Fact 2: Our labour cost might be the lowest in Europe, however our quality is high, high in the sky!

Fact 3: Working in Portugal gives you access to superior leather qualities. Our country has heritage of leather workmanship since the 16th century! That’s like… ages ago, which makes us not only old but wise!


Fact 4: Portugal now produces for all major luxury brands, as well of the top larger retailers like Zara and Cos etc, etc, etc. We are the source of the highest priced ranges that are copied in a cheaper version in Asia and Africa. Yes, we are copied! That’s a fact!

Fact 5: Proximity! 2 hours from London or Paris with cheap flights everyday! Faster than visiting your hometown.

Fact 6: Our main focus is our clients. We built a trusting relationship insuring them quality products and suitable solutions when something doesn’t go as planned.

Fact 7: We are nice people. Warm blood and all that jazz. Really skilled and easy to work with, our artisans are extremely qualified workers.

All good stuff!


Not impressed yet? Would it seal the deal if we said we are really good-looking people and our food is to die for? Sure, there’s a chart to prove it somewhere.

If all of this was in vain, please just check for a flight, enjoy our beautiful weather, sit by the shore and eat a pastel de nata, the challenge is fact 8 : try not to fall in love!!


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Portugal Textile worker doing the quality control of two orange sneakers.

Orange Slip on

REF: 023534
COLOR: Orange
STYLE: Slip on

Sustainable pineapple sneaker

REF: 896743
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STYLE: Sneaker