Backless Tops: The Boldest Trend Of The Summer Of 2021

When we think of necklines, we immediately remember of v-neck blouses or even the famous square neckline. However, lately, this idea has changed and the new trendy neckline is totally different of what we are used to. It might come as a surprise, but the new hot neckline is now located at the back. Entering: the backless tops. This detail makes every top more daring and elegant.

Every cleavage adds a sensual touch to your look, while still bringing a structured aesthetic. This one in particular, makes for the perfect piece both for daytime – like lunch on your friends’ balcony – or even to go out for dinner at the city’s new restaurant.

Backless top: Get inspired with this summer trend

Although most backless tops are long-sleeved, they’re also showing up in short sleeves, making this a more versatile piece and suitable for every season.

This trend becomes the perfect union between covered and showing off, thus offering a comfortable solution while wearing a unique piece, still keeping a bold and sexy style that a lot of women seem to love.

Within its different variations, the backless top can be seen in exquisite fabrics, such as silk, which offers an amazing fit on the body and a breathtaking result.

Puffed sleeves:

The version with puffed sleeves still brings with it the ‘80s vibe that dominated 2020, and promises to continue to elevate the summer of 2021.

Short sleeves:

Perfect for any occasion! Short sleeve backless tops bring even more comfort on a sunny day and are a big bet for the high street looks of this summer.

This top has become a very versatile fit that goes well with any outfit. Both mixed with classic pants, for an elegant touch to the look, as well as with our favorite short jeans that we wear in any occasion. Get inspired!

black backless Top
casual green Backlees Top
short Backless Top
white short Top
elegant Top

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