Tote Bags: A Simple Piece For A Big Statement

From fairs to catwalks, tote bags are a trend in 2021. A simple piece that makes a big difference in the look.

To keep it simple, tote bags are just large bags, with wide straps and a central opening, usually without a zip. This model has been in the spotlight not only in fashion but also in the daily lives of women, because of their size and space, carrying everything inside.

Initially, these bags were more common for going to the groceries, for the same reason that they are used today, space!

However, over the years, tote bags have been styled and gained space in the fashion market. Tote bags have arrived as an It bag, by being versatile, timeless and fashionable.

How to wear Tote Bags

There is no correct way to use this trend, because of its simplicity and practicality. Then are only a few things to take in account when using bags: harmonization and weight. Harmonization of the look and care for excess weight are usually the things to care about when it comes to tote bags.

Tote bags can have several prints and colors, so it is advisable to think of a look where the combination of the bag makes it special and unique.

Currently, neutral colors such as beige, white and brown are more in fashion, along with bicolor combinations, such as black and white, brown and orange or nude and black.

As stated earlier, the excess weight in these bags has to be taken into account. The excess of weight can bring you spine or shoulder problems and, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of objects you put in the bag, even if the bag is large and can carry what you want.

Looks with Tote Bags:

Because it is an item designed to be versatile, tote bags are the trump card when building the look, as it looks great as an accessory in several outfits.

Tote Bag + Dress
Tote Bag + Jeans
Tote Bag + Bikini

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